Stats & Info

HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 5’2”
CHEST: 38”
BICEP: 14”
WAIST: 27”
HIPS: 37.5”
THIGH: 21.5”

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish native language, French & Catalan

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ME: I am Vietnamese born but I was raised in Barcelona (Spain). I get lots of questions and looks when I speak in Spanish with my Castilian accent. It was always a struggle for me to find my identity and my place in this world as I have travelled since a young age, from Asian to Europe to America. Now that I am older, I embrace all my cultures and languages because that’s who I am. I am a citizen of the world with the gift of having amazing life and cultural experiences all around the world. And I am blessed to be able to learn even more everyday!

FAVORITE FOOD:  I was luck to have an international cooking chef mom. I love all kind of cuisines, but my heart and stomach will be with the Vietnamese Pho & the Spanish Paella. I also like sushi, steak ,etc… I am a food lover lol

FAVORITE WORKOUT: I love lifting weights because of the power and control I have over them, but I hate cardio (even if you pay me I still would not do it lol). My favorite workouts involve back and arms. I guess because you can see the pump!

FAVORITE CLOTHING: I love clothes that are sexy, classy and elegant. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, but I usually like plain colors like pink, black, red  or even bright fuchsia, yellow, etc… I love clothing that show my body curves and also lets me  move.

FAVORITE HOBBIES: If I am not working out or at work, both take up most of my time, I love to go shopping and eating out to new and exciting places. I also love dancing. I think basically whatever gets my body moving hahaha!

THINGS THAT ANNOY ME: I am usually a very happy and positive person. I understand not everybody is like me, but what really annoys me are things and people who demand of you at any cost. I am saying cheering people up, helping them when they are sick, etc… it is just part of being a good friend/person, but when you have to sacrifice your family or job or your mental attitude is no bueno no more.

FAVORITE DREAMS: My biggest dream is to be happy and help other people be happy. I want my life to inspire others to seek and work for their happiness. I have being given so much in life, I feel it is my duty to share it. I want people to remember me by saying ” because of her, I did not give up on my dreams”.

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