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I am the only child from my mother Nga. I was born in Vietnam while the Vietnamese war was ending. But ending did not mean war free. Bombs, killings and sirens were a daily constant in Vietnam. My mother had to struggle to escape from Vietnam and finally was able to thru airplane in 1979.

Both my parents and I flew to Belgium when I was around 2 or 3 years old. We lived in Brussels for about 2 years and then they decided to get divorced. My mother got together with my Spanish stepfather and we moved to Barcelona (Spain) when I was 5 years old.

Back in those days, I remember being very active for such a young age. I swam, I played volleyball in a team, I also played tennis and finally, I started to inline skate. It would be my first passion for the rest of my life and what would shape the events in my future.

I started inline skating when I was 15 years old. I remember my first skates where metallic roller-skates which you had to strap to your shoes and had a big rubber brake in the front. It was hilarious to think about it now, but it was magical for me in those days. I felt so in control and so much freedom while skating. I could go anywhere and feel free at the same time.

My mother eventually got separated from my stepfather and we move to the United States in 1996. We landed and stayed in Fairfax, Virginia for about a month and then moved to the west coast and specifically to Orange County, California.

It was in California, where I started to get more serious into inline skating and switched to aggressive inline skating. I did half pipes, I grinded; I did all kind of jumps until December 2007 when I broke my left forearm. This accident was a crucial moment in my life.

I broke my left forearm while skating up and down different ramps. I tripped and put my hand to stop the fall. Unfortunately, the ramp slid my hand down and my forearm snapped completely. I had a compound fracture and they put two metal plates and 12 screws to hold my bones in place.

I remember I got so depressed because I also lost my job and I felt so disabled. But while I was on disability and in physical therapy, I decided to sign up to a gym and try to lose weight. From then on, it was such a blessing. I did lose the weight, then got muscular and all because God put the right people in my life.

It was not until 2012 I decided to get serious. I dieted and trained hard for my first competition and since then, I just kept moving forward.