Ok, so you decided it was time to get fit and lose weight.

What do you do?

Here’s my blog about starting your own fitness and healthy journey.

1. Sit down with a piece of paper and pen in a quiet area with nobody surrounding you. Start relaxing and breathe.

2. Ask yourself questions about what do you want about your body, your money availability, your time and your life flexibility (family, kids, parents, etc.)

3. Write down the answers in the piece of paper for example like: – I want to lose 20lbs/I want to fit in my wedding dress/I have 3 months/I have $1000 I can invest in gym, supplements, etc…/I have friends that support me

4. Now that you have a more real view of your lifestyle, ask yourself WHAT+HOW+WHEN+HOW MUCH+WHOM+WHERE about the answers your wrote. For example: -How am I going to lose 20lbs? Does $1000 is enough to invest? Whom can I ask for help? What gym do I go?

5. Review your questions and answers and take a break to think.

6. Finally, the most important step is to ACT! choose which answer you want to act on it and stick to it.


NOTE: This blog is not intended to promote any kind of activity resulting in injury or damage. The use of this blog is to the discretion of the user. Blogger assumes no responsibility resulting in the malpractice of this blog.

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